Like many other hard working Americans, I bet you were guaranteed financial freedom from your 401 (k) when you retired, right?

401k assume projections

The above looks familiar, at least someone showed or
spoke to you about similar projections, right?

401k actual projections

In all actuality, the above is reality, right? For most Americans ready for retirement, their 401 (k) is somewhere between $150k-200k. Is your retirement a Roth 401 (k)? That's great, but be warned! How will the market look when you are ready to retire? Will it be up, or will it be down? Yes, your 401 (k), whether it be Roth or Traditional, is a variable retirement investment, and at the mercy of the market. If, the market crashes during the time you retire, you could lose 100s of thousands of your hard earned money! Fortunately, in a Roth 401 (k), you will not be taxed, but a Traditional 401 (k), you will be taxed! You may be wondering, WHAT DO I DO, right?

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